Hello there!

We’re the PiCKMN Brothers, Moe (Tamás Molnár) & T0Mä (József Tomasics), the two Pixel Necromancers from Hungary. We create custom graphic designs, not just for our own entertainment. No heartwarming stuff, only real paganism, witch cults and supernatural horror designs!

We like beer, reggae music (listen to Afrodzaqm, Moe’s band), real Lovecraftian horror, classic weird literature, beer, Burzum and Chopin, beer, Cryo Chamber... Ohh, and Tünde Kiszel. Have we mentioned beer?

We’re pagans through and through!

You’ll have to wait a little longer, but our T-shirt collection and other cool stuff is coming soon!

Fhtagn & Fyaaaah! Viva la Pixel Necromancy!

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